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Survey Crew Signs
 Portable sign stand is constructed of a steel plate molded into a recycled rubber base. (38 lbs.)
Two molded-in carrying handles allow for easy movement and placement.

 All steel construction with powder coated paint to resist rusting. The Step-n-drop feature enables you to quickly set-up the stand without having to bend over or stoop down. (22 lbs.)
Part # 4022000
Part # 4026000
Part # 4022300
The single spring sign stand has Step-n-Drop legs. It also comes with the traditional latch bracket connector for plastic corner pockets, or the universal sign holder which is ideal for sewn corner pockets. (25 lbs.)
Part #                       Description                                                                       List Price            Wt.

4022000                  Steel sign stand w/ telescoping legs                                $120.17             22 lbs.
4022300                  Single Spring steel sign stand w/ telescoping legs          $163.30             25 lbs.
4026000                  Molded rubber base                                                         $112.10             38 lbs.
4026036-EV-HF​​ ​​     36" Vinyl Sign w/ ribs-Heavy Duty-Survey Crew              $58.30               2 lbs.
4026048-EV-HF      48" Vinyl Sign w/ ribs-Heavy Duty-​Survey Crew              $75.40               5 lbs.
4026036-RW           36" Heavy Duty Vinyl Sign w/ ribs- Roadwork                 $58.30               2 lbs.
4026048-RW           48" Heavy Duty Vinyl Sign w/ ribs- Roadwork                 $75.40               5 lbs.
4022019-EZU          EZ-Up Flag Assembly                                                     $27.95                2 lbs.​​
Reflective Cones 18" & 28"
Fluorescent Orange Solid Vinyl Sign with Survey Crew or Roadwork Ahead.
Note: Signs & Bases are interchangeable.
Both signs were tested and certified to meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350.​​
PVC Traffic Cone-

     * Injection molded PVC, MUTCD Complaint.
     * Rubber base for excellent stability and anti-skid performance.
     * Flourescent orange color throughout for superior fade resistance.
     * Reflective collar for MUTCD compliant nighttime performance.
     * Ridges on the inner cone allow for easy stacking and deployment.
     * Reflective collars are recessed, providing abrasion resistance and easy
     * PVC and rubber formulation provides excellent all-weather performance.​​​​​​​
Part #                                     Description                                             List Price              Wt.

4018PVCS6CC(VSB)         ​   18" Traffic Cone with 6" Collar               $12.75                 3 lbs.
4028PVC6CC4CC(VSB)        28" Traffic Cone with 6" & 4" Collar​       $22.75                 7 lbs.
Part # 4022019-EZU
EZ-Up Flag Assembly​