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 The BenchTie will save time and money by allowing all benchmarks and ties to be plotted on worksheets for easy reference. The BenchTie is designed to be used with the information tag. Once the BenchTie is set and located, information can be recorded on the tag with a permanent marker. This will enable the surveyor to leave a benchmark that is easily identified and used by others.

     *  Recessed dimple on top of prism pole.​
     *​​​  High visibility tag for marking data.
     *  Resections are made instantly and accurately.
     *  Light weight
     *  Pre drill to set in concrete.
     *  Use in trees or poles as permanent or temporary benchmarks.​​​​

Part # 2700Y             Yellow - 20 nails & tags in a box

Weight per box 2.5 lbs.   
The Vertical Surface Control Point.
Made in the USA!