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The newest, toughest and easiest to find Survey Spike money can buy!
Made in the USA
Made from our own combination of premium steel that produces the most durable survey marker in the industry. Like the MAG NAIL    you can Pound it Harder and Find it Farther! The MAG SPIKE    is magnetized for easy detection. Its large center point and 1" diameter head makes it great for control points and property corners.
Manufactured by: ChrisNik, Inc.​
Part #                        Size                                

253MAGSPIKE​​         3/8" x 3"                25 Nails per box - 12 boxes per case
254MAGSPIKE         3/8" x 4 1/2"          25 Nails per box - 12 boxes per case
256MAGSPIKE         3/8" x 6"                20 Nails per box - 12 boxes per case
258MAGSPIKE         3/8" x 8"                20 Nails per box - 12 boxes per case
MAG SPIKE vs. Cotton Gin Spike
​video on You Tube
Drill bit sizes for Pre drilling:

11/32" Masonry on multi purpose drill bit

8.5 MM Hilti Masonry drill bit​​